Other Constellations

Little Dipper

The Little Dipper is significant because it contains Polaris, the North Star. Align the North Star with the North Pole of the globe. Now attache the dipper so it points back toward the handle of the Big Dipper.


The Southern Cross and Centaur are joined on one constellation piece. The Centaur/Cross fits on the same meridian as the Big Dipper, below Virgo. The Centaur is upright and faces backward, the cross leads the way as the globe turns.


The Ship fits on the same meridian as Orion, below the Big Dog. The hull of the ship attaches to Orion's meridian and the bow of the ship attaches to the adjacent meridian.


Eridanus the River attaches below the celestial equator ring. The north end of the River passes just to the right of Orion's foot Rigel and continues south.