Zodiac Constellations


Aquarius the Water Carrier is below Cassiopeia, ahead of the meridian. He faces backward toward the east. Aquarius attaches below the celestial equator.


Pisces is on the other side of the meridian from Aquarius. The fish represented by a circle crosses the meridian up to the first star.


Aries follows Pisces, just in front of Taurus. The Ram leaps forward with his rear foot just over the Bull's tail.


Cancer lies midway between Gemini and Leo. It sits above the equator with it's pincers facing east, toward the lion.


Libra the scales is between Virgo and Scorpius. It attaches below the equator with the longer arm trailing, toward the Scorpion.


Capricorn the Goat attaches below the equator directly below Aquarius. The Goat faces backward with its neck just below Aquarius's shin.

Entire Zodiac

The entire Zodiac lines the path of the ecliptic and parades past as you turn the globe.