Big Dipper Group


The handle of the Big Dipper leads us to two important stars and constellations. Follow the handle of the dipper to arc to Arcturus, the bright star in Bootes the herdsman. Bootes sits upright facing west, his pipe nearing the Big Dipper.


After arcing to Arcturus, we speed on to Spica. Continue the same are from the dipper's handle, past Arcturus to Spica, the bright star in Virgo. Virgo lies on the equator, head to the west, with half of her head crossing the meridian. On the Horizon Globe, Virgo is a tight fit, requiring some finess and bending to get into position.


Leo marches confidently West, having just knocked over the hapless Virgo. Notice that the rearmost front paw is a first magnitude star that is nearly on the ecliptic.