Orion Group


Trace Orion's belt up and to the right to place Taurus. The bull faces East, so moves backward as the globe turns.

Canis Major

Orion's dog, Canis Major is at his heel. The dog attaches to the meridian with his head pointing north. The tip of his nose is just below Orion's foot.


The Twins also attach to the meridian, their heads to the north. Place Gemini so Pollux's waist is on the ecliptic.

Canis Minor

The Little Dog more accurately looks like the dog's bone, consisting of just two stars. The brighter one, Procyon, is farther from Orion as the constellation attaches to the celestical equator. Place Canis Minor so that Procyon is directly below the bright star in twins, Pollux.


Auriga, Orion's chariot driver, is directly above Orion, attached to the meridian. He faces forward, or west. Move Auriga so that the bright star, Capella, is halfway between the equator and North Pole.