Guidepost Constellations


Orion's belt angles up from left to right. He is places just the right of the meridian below the summer solstice. The highest star of his belt lines up with the celestial equator. Like all the Horizon Globe constellations, Orion fits on the outside of the globe, but inside of the exliptic ring.

Big Dipper

The Big Dipper goes on the next meridian after Orion. Place the dipper with the cup up toward the North Pole. Make sure the handle of the dipper trails the dipper as it moves from east to west. The lip of the dipper contains the pointer stars that point toward the North Pole. The Big Dipper is about 1/3 of the distance from the North Pole to the equator on the Fall meridian.

Cygnus/Summer Triangle

The Summer Triangle is placed just after the winter meridian. The T shape of the swan points south, the star representing Altair is to the south, while the star representing Vega in Lyra leads the group to the West. This constellation group must be bent by hand into a spherical shape to properly fit the globe.


Cassiopeia fits just after the spring meridian. The W of Cassiopeia opens toward the North Pole and Cassiopeia follows the meridian. Right Ascension is counted from this meridian, and Cassiopeia is wholly after the zero line.