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The Horizon Globe PRO is a newly-developed armillary sphere that demonstrates the motion of celestial objects from the viewer's vantage point. This convenient device simplifies the seasonal path of the sun, moon cycles, and planetary motion, making them easy to understand and demonstrate.


Horizon Globe
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The Horizon Globe makes observational astronomy accessible to anyone. Concepts like the ecliptic, seasons, latitude, tropical and arctic circles are demonstrated in 3D, making them easy to learn and impossible to forget. As one astronomy professor stated, "With the Horizon Globe you can teach in minutes what used to take weeks."

The Observer

The Horizon Globe includes an Observer, a metal figurine that stands in the center of the globe. This Observer provides a unique perspective on observational astronomy. It's easy to imagine yourself as the observer with a view from inside the sphere, watching the sun rise and set as you spin the globe. This vantage point lets you see what you would see from actual observations.

Horizon Globe
helps you visualize
the motion of the

Additionally, the Horizon Globe allows a student to see how the geometry of the ecliptic generates what we see. As you move the position of the sun on the ecliptic, you can observe how it changes where the sun rises. When you turn the globe, your mind naturally shuttles back and forth between the geometry of the sky and the observations, anchoring both as permanent knowledge.


Range of Observations

The Horizon Globe simulates the sky for any place on Earth, any time of day, and any time of year. All of the celestial objects: Sun, Moon, Stars, and planets, come to life on your desktop.





Place the Sun anywhere along the ecliptic to simulate any day of the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. Rotate the globe to illustrate any time of day or night.



Arctic Circle


Adjust latitude to any place on Earth: from the equator to the tropics, arctic circle and the poles.


Moon, Planets, and Constellations



Phases of the moon, the five visible planets, and the main constellations complete the range of viewable sky that the Horizon Globe simulates.