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Hot off the presses! It's easier than ever to learn the sky with this companion book for the Horizon Globe Student Edition. Ships free with every Horizon Globe SE order.
8-1/2 x 11", 159 full-color pages. Click here for a preview.


Astronomy made Easy

(No Telescopes Needed!)


Everyone, adults and kids, can delight in watching the spectacular display of the sun, moon, stars and planets as they travel across our sky. The Horizon Globe helps you unlock the secrets of this exhibition, making the stars and their nightly stories unforgettable.

The Horizon Globe is the only astronomy tool in the world that shows you clearly how celestial bodies move from an earthling's perspective.

The Observer
shows you how it looks
from your perspective

The Observer stands in the middle of the Horizon Globe, putting him (and you!) in the center of the action, with a 360 degree horizon.

The user can turn, stop, and reverse the sky at their fingertips, while watching how objects react.

Perfect for anyone who wants to understand how the sky works! This remarkable product is now available in two models: Horizon Globe PRO and Horizon Globe SE.


Horizon Globe PRO
designed for
professional use

Horizon Globe PRO was designed for professionals, made out of metal for durability, and large enough to use for classroom demonstrations.


Horizon Globe SE
designed for
homeschools and

Horizon Globe SE, Student Edition, was created for homeschoolers and hobbyists. It's made out of wood for economy, and is small enough to fit easily on your desktop. Perfect for your budding astronomer.


Both models are great for learning more about the sky, indispensible for teaching someone else about it.

Study the sky today, enjoy the sky tonight!